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B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at North West Institute of Engineering
 and Technology Dhudhike was established in 2008. Since its inception, the Department 
has contributed in a big way to the society by providing technical manpower for various 
fields in India and abroad. All the graduates and post graduates from the Department are
 settled in very good positions the world over. At present, the Department is proud of getting
 the best merit students in the region. The faculty of the Department continues to provide new 
frontiers of technical knowledge to the students by imparting quality education and research. 
All the courses are keeping pace with the latest developments in engineering education. All 
the Department courses are approved by statutory bodies including AICTE, MHRD Govt. of 
India, PSBTE Chandigarh and affiliated to Punjab Technical University Kapurthala.

M. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

The M. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering imparts a breadth of advanced knowledge in
various areas of computer science.

Department has well qualified and knowledgeable and experienced faculty. There are 24 seats in
the course.

M. Tech in computer science has vast scope now a day, so those who opt for the course, have many
in market. Being a PG degree it has more weight age. In thesis part of M.Tech students also get the
chance in the field of research.

This two year duration course was started in the institute in year 2013. Under guidance of well
qualified faculty 
students get the chance to get more knowledge about latest technology and market trends. This
course is dulyapproved by AICTE.


Pass with 50% aggregate marks in B.E. / B.Tech. (CSE / IT) or equivalent subject and
GATE Qualified.
Main Subjects of M. Tech. (CSE)

• Distributed Systems
• Compiler Design
• Digital Image Processing
• Advanced Database Management System
• Advanced Software Engineering
• Advanced Programming Language
• Natural Language & Processing
• Parallel Computing
• Software Engineering Mythology
• Unified Modelling Language
• Minor Project
• Major Project
• Dissertation

M-Tech in Mechanical Engineering

North West Institute of Engineering and Technology Dhudhike was established in 2008. Since its inception, 

 Mechanical Engineering Department has contributed in a big way to the society by providing technical manpower for various fields in India and abroad. All the graduates and post graduates from the Engineering are settled in very good positions the world over. At present, the Department is proud of getting the best merit students in the region. The faculty of the Department continues to provide new frontiers of technical knowledge to the students by imparting quality education and research. All the courses are keeping pace with the latest developments in engineering education. All the Department courses are approved by statutory bodies including AICTE, MHRD Govt. of India, PSBTE Chandigarh and affiliated to Punjab Technical University Kapurthala.


Mechanical is an Enggineering Discipline that involves the application of principle of physics for analysis, design, manufacturing & maintenance of mech. System. It is one of the highest employment generator among all the engineering streams due to wide spread range of technology .Mech. engineering finds application in all fields of technology. It is one of primitive branch of engineering which have remained always in demand & continue to be in future. This is why Mech. Trade is known as an evergreen trade. As the industrial sector has drastically risen in pace in last decade; the need for mechanical engineering has increased exponentially.
Practically every company that designs and produces a product employs a mechanical engineer. But mechanical engineers can also be found in research labs, the military, government, and in other professions such as medicine, law or teaching.
Most mechanical engineering jobs require design experience. When a need comes about for a new or improved product, companies call upon mechanical engineers to do the job. Engineers have to push beyond the limits of their previous work and use innovative technology to meet project requirements successfully.
A second major area of employment for mechanical engineers is manufacturing. Manufacturing jobs cover nearly everything involved in developing a product, from selecting the appropriate materials to choosing the correct machinery to manufacture the product. Most mechanical engineers in this industry work for equipment manufacturers, aerospace companies, utilities, material processing plants, transportation companies, and petroleum companies. They also work with small firms, consulting practices, universities, and government research labs.
Specific assignments might involve research and development, design of equipment or systems, supervision of production, plant engineering, administration, sales engineering, the testing and evaluation of machines and entire plants. Some mechanical engineering titles and their functions include:
Automotive Engineer: Mechanical engineers design many car parts for the automobile industry. As an automotive engineer, you could solve transportation and safety problems by creating better and more efficient engines or by developing improved safety features.
Biomedical engineer: Mechanical engineers work with a variety of medical professionals to design mobility aids, prosthetics, and artificial organs.
Consulting: Once mechanical engineers have gained significant on-the-job experience and developed a high level of expertise, they might choose to work for themselves as consultants or independent contractors. Here they can work on projects of their choosing for clients they respect. The consulting field offers opportunities in large and small engineering service firms and in private practices.
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) engineer: In this field, engineers design refrigeration systems for making frozen foods, or air-conditioning and heating systems for businesses and industrial buildings, residential homes, autos, hospitals, and schools.
Nuclear engineer: The design of nuclear power plants requires the services of a mechanical engineer. The engineer must understand the fundamentals of nuclear design, know how to operate the plant efficiently, and evaluate the environmental factors associated with nuclear plants.
Robotics engineer: A mechanical engineer may design machines that build other machines. For instance, a robotics engineer may be involved with creating the devices that are used in assembling automobiles. Engineers are concerned with the robot's structure, its joint mechanisms, bearings, and heat transfer characteristics.
Teaching: A desire to help mold the next generation of engineers motivates some mechanical engineers to move into academic careers. Engineers in colleges oversee research activities, manage laboratories, and mentor students. They also write and publish books and technical papers about mechanical engineering.
Mechanical engineers can find employment at virtually any institute where innovation takes place. They commonly work in the government, research, industry, military, teaching, management or consulting sectors.
The government agencies that typically hire mechanical engineers include the U.S. Navy, Patent and Trademark Office, International Trade Commission, Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Energy .
From developing toys to prosthetic legs, the types of projects you can be a part of are as vast as your imagination. With a degree in mechanical engineering, diversity is the key. You can wind up working in a laboratory or an outdoor construction site. Remember, nearly every mechanical device was created by a mechanical engineer so the possibilities for employment are virtually endless.
Training and Placement Cell
The Training & Placement Cell of North West Group of Colleges coordinates the entire placement and training activities.
 The Placement and Training Cell, in the true spirit of hands on exposure, facilitates the students for the campus Recruitment drives as well as International Educational liaisons. With the cooperation of in house experts and the experts drawn from professional agencies, our Training and Placement Cell organizes certain orientation programmes such as Reasoning Tests, Aptitudes Tests, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Brain storming Sessions etc. on the regular basis in order to motivate and develop the personality of the students.

The Cell organizes summer internship programmes for students to provide them with hands-on experience and introducing them to the professional environment. 
Our training and placement cell arranges training for students in industries for 6 weeks at the end of 4th semester and for 6 months in 7th or 8th semester. The students of the college undergo their training at various industries as HMT, Sonalika, R& D centre,GNA phagwara,RCF kapurthala, , Maruti Udyog Ltd., L&T,Havells, DRDO.
The Training & Placement Cell firmly believes in 'Industry-Institute Interaction'. In order to accomplish 'Industry-Institute Interaction' it organizes technical talks and national seminars to provide a platform for the budding engineers to interact with professionals from various industries. It encourages visits to the industries by the college students. It arranges for industrial problems to be worked on by students as part of their projects.  The college has signed MOUs with many industrial organizations and industrial chambers. Technical paper presentation contests are held in collaboration with industries to discuss new developments and trends.


Computer science is a powerful force for making a positive difference in the world. Computer science develops student’s computational and critical thinking skills and enable them to create, not simply use, new technology .This fundamental knowledge is needed to prepare students for the 21st century. Computer Science endeavors various sectors that includes the government, medicine, manufacturing, entertainment industry, business, science, space exploration, engineering and communication . From developing chipsets for wearable technology to managing power grids, computer science is present everywhere. Emerging fields in computer science includes network architecture, big data, computer graphics, cloud computing, nano computing, robotics, quantum computing etc. All these fields would not be able to develop and advance without the use of  computer science. As the biggest companies in India are working in software domain therefore Career possibilities are huge for computer science students. All the major surveys in various job sectors shows unprecedented growth in the field of computer science.
it’s no secret that there’s extraordinary competition right now for computer scientists. Both nationally and regionally, new graduates from strong programs at all degree levels are receiving extraordinary offers. According to Bureau of Labour Statistics, across all fields of science, engineering, and the social sciences, more than 60 percent of all newly-created jobs, and more than 50 percent of all available jobs (both newly-created and vacancies), are in computing!

A report on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce forecasts 51 percent of STEM occupations will be computer occupations by 2018.   

          Nearly 3 out of 4 new job openings and 3 out of 5 total job openings are going to be in computing!

 The PSU’s(Public Sector/Government Organizations)  that typically hire computer science  engineers include Coal India, BPCL, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), Defence Research and Development Organization(DRDO), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation(ONGC), Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Vizag Steel Plant, ECIL, Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited (HEC),  OPGC etc.

The graduating Batch enters the real life world of management through the final Placement program which is facilitated by the department. Computer ScienceEngineering  Department of North WestInstitute of Engineering and Technology takes responsibility of the placement of department students. We Guide students for placement in renowned companies  by conducting seminars, group discussions and mock interviews as a part of career guidance and personality development and coordinating the efforts of the students of the departments in arranging industrial training for them.
Following are names of few renowned companies where Computer Science and Engineering students were placed in year 2014
·         Pact Solutions
·         Tele performance
·         Kube Systems
·         Ocean Technologies
·         Harkash Technologies
·         Genpact  Solutions

Specialized Training
Keeping abreast with the latest technological developments, market trends and to equip students with suitable skill sets , North West Group of Institutions and Department of Computer Science and Engineering has signed MoUs with companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, Intel, SAP and Dexler to impart training in latest technologies by offering international certification courses to the students.      

North West Institute of Engineering & Technologies

Emerging Trends in the field of Electronics & Communication and Contribution of  North West Institute of Engineering & Technologies in the Area

Technology has become perhaps the greatest agent of change in the modern world. While never 
without risk, positive technological breakthrough promise innovative solution to the most pressing
 global challenges of our time, from resource scarcity to global environmental change. In the
 field of Electronics &Communication the recent emerging technologies are
   Body-adapted wearable electronics
  Nanostructure carbon composite
  Mining metals from desalination brine
  Grid- scale electricity storage
  Nanowire lithium- ion batteries
  Brain Computer Interfaces.
  LED lamps.
  RF interference Analysis
  Encrypted Radio
  4G  Technology
 CDMA Ev-Do technology
 Embedded Security Subsystem (Ess)

Though these emerging topics are still not included in the syllabus of universities but
Northwest Institutes ofEngineering & technology always take initiatives to organize workshop, 
seminar, symposium & Conferences to create awareness about these topics to not only the faculty
 of the college but also to students. 
The institute encourages the faculty to publish research papers on emerging topics in the
field of electronics. 
The Institute also sponsored Faculty members to attend the FDPs and Conferences. 
The Electronics and Communication department also encourages the students of final year to
 choose their major projects from the 
burning issues of Industries. Our department also provide consultancy and training to the industry 
of our region. Our Institutes also provides training to the employees of government organization.
 In last but not least Electronics and Communication department arrange workshops and seminars
 for the +1 and +2 students to create awareness for the field of electronics.